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Ken Bailey HeadshotKen Bailey, 60,is a self-published cartoon artist, caricaturist,ancomic book creator/artist/writer whose earliest books date back to thmid-1960’s (having “publishedan issue from ongoing series Supercat while yet in Junior High School).


Since 2004, Ken’s current flagship charactehas been a supercharged middle-aged school teacher named THE MIGHTY ENERGYGIRL. A human woman born in the 50’s with a fluke in her DNA, EnergyGirl (Ellen Anne Peabody) grew up with every cell in her body developed to a perfection far beyond usual. She can run at 70 mph, bench press 250 tons,and exercise for hours without tiring; Ken loves telling both sides of her story (Supervillains fear her muscles;school kids fear her homework)! EnergyGirls mortal husband Stan Peabody is her unlikely mate; he is there to listen and serve her hot chocolate at thend of the day when the super-workday is over and she wants to lay the hero mantle down and just be a normal human again.Ken Bailey EnergyGirl



There have been to date thirty-plus feature-length EnergyGirl comic books produced, a like number of shorter vignettes,and several thousand stand-alone full color panels. The “Super Schoolmarmhas appeared on DeviantArancurrently has two Facebook pages in her honor.


Ken also creates caricatures and other types of cartoons as well.

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