questionAt The Metro Tent

Friday, June 10th at 4:00 PM 

Saturday, June 11th at 3:00 PM

Admission: Free

Note: Seating is limited and is on a first-come basis. 

This year will be the fifteenth anniversary of the Superman Trivia Game that is sponsored by The USA Boxing News newspaper.  The game follows almost a similar pattern as the popular Jeopardy game on television.  In Superman Trivia, contestants can choose different categories of Superman lore.  Categories include Smallville, The Adventures of Superman, Superman Potpourri, Superman The Movie, Superman II, III and IV and Lois & Clark.


Unlike most games where only those picked for the game can win prizes and answer questions, Superman Trivia has everyone involved in the fun. Besides those on the stage, audiences are either asked questions the stage contestants fail to answer, or are given questions in completely different categories. For every question answered in the audience a prize is given.

There are also questions just for kids in the audience to answer and prizes are given to each correct response.


The Superman Trivia Game is free to enter. Before each game the hosts, John and Alex Rinaldi fire various questions at the audience.  The first to answer are chosen to be the stage contestants.  For each game three to five contestants are chosen to participate on the stage.

The hosts then choose a member of the audience to tabulate the scores and another to check off the boxes used on the Superman Trivia game board.  Each game helper receives prizes such as Superman Trivia t-shirts for their assistance.


In the course of a single game, there are over 100 prizes given to audience members!  Prizes range from many styles of Superman Trivia t-shirts, Red Kryptonite flash lights, Superman Trivia backpacks, Superman Trivia key chains, Superman rings, Superman Trivia hand fans, Superman Trivia footballs and plenty of other exciting prizes!


Every stage contestant wins prizes, with the most items handed to the higher place finishers.


Superman Trivia is a family-run game that features additional hosts Joseph Rinaldi, John J. Rinaldi, Alexander Rinaldi and Janine Rinaldi assisting with the kids questions and distribution of prizes.


Since we feel that everyone who attends the show is a Superman winner, prizes are given after the Saturday game to all those who did not win anything during the two games.


With the Superman Trivia Game, a super time is guaranteed for all!!

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